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Research and Development

research and development

Cooperative Research 1

  The cooperative research with your company started in 2005. I was working at Niigata University when Mr. Iwata came to my laboratory and proposed consignment study. With this starting point, we have been doing cooperative research on biometrics for about 10 years. Together we have done presentations at conferences domestically and overseas, as well as several patent applications.
 Especially when I worked at LORIA Institude in France, lots of international exchange became possible through cooperative research with your company. I think it is brilliant. Let's carry on the research. Thank you for your support as a good research partner in the furure.

Tokyo Denki University, school of engineering, department of information and communication engineering,
assoiate professor, Hasegawa Makoto PhD(engineering)

Cooperative Research 2

[Overview of Cooperative Research with Your Company So Far]

 We have been doing cooperative research using voice as key, not only in voice interaction and speaker identification, but also in paralinguistic and state estimation basing on voice. In the development of bipedal robot with speaker identification function,which is based on voice, and voice interaction function, we have realized the function of switching speech response, limiting conversation content according to partner. Moreover, with application example of classifying and estimating human status technique basing on voice, in terms of alcohol intake, testimation technique of "drinking degree" ,which focuses on voice intonation and sound change, has been developed.

[Future Plan and Expectations of Cooperative Research with Your Company]

  I would like to continue the cooperative relationship in the future, not only binding needs of industry and university, but also developing new technique on the ground of flexible mindset. In addition, with domestic and overseas network in industry and university, it is one of the attactions having interaction with people in various fields through cooperative rearch.

Nagoya Institute of Technology, graduate school of engineering, department of computer science and  engineering, research associate, Sakou Jinji PhD(engineering)

Paper Information

Title:Stroke-Based Cursive Character Recognition
("Character Recognition" ISBN:979-953-307-796-2)
Author:K.C.Santosh and Eizaburo Iwata

Title:Basic Consideration of MPEG-2 Coded File Entropy and Lossless Re-encoding
(IMCSIT 2010 Conference ,Wisla, Poland ISBN:978-83-60810-27-9)
Author:Kazuo Ohzeki, Yuan yu Wei, Eizaburo Iwata and Ulrich Speidel

Title:Face Authentication Using SURF with ASM Guide
(IWAIT2012 - The 2012 International Workshop on Advanced Image Technology)
Author:Hideki YASUHARA, Eizaburo IWATA, Hiroki KAMANAKA, Kikuo KOBAYASHI and Makoto HASEGAWA

Patent Information

Persoal Authentication Method and Personal Authentication Device
PCT Application No.:PCT/JP2012/071546
Application Country <registered>:Japan (registration No.: 5509459)
Patent received/pending in more than10 countries around the world


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