NORMEE Limited.


Your smartphone/tablet can be biometric device

Easy as presenting your hand, bring convenience to solution

Password from remembering to presenting

Operation Sample

Vein Authentication by Tablet

Only one in the world. Vein authentication by mobile camera

No Hardware

No need of exclusive equipment or infrared light. Serve as a small, high-speed, compact software.


Operate on a wide range of platforms such as iOS, Android etc.

Hybrid Biometrics

Highly accurate and stable by hybrid authentication, extracting vein and palm information simultaneously.

High Security

As a software, exceeding fingerprint authentication accuracy.


Available for general purposes by noncontact authentication.

What do we provide

We privide library files and technical documents for application development, enabling hybrid biometric authentication according to operation environment.
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Use Case


Used as personal authentication when accessing customer information.


Make cardless/cashless payment possible.


Car navigation ligin.


Prevent account takeover.

Global Market

Global Market

Patent received/pending in more than 10 countries around the world.

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