NORMEE Limited.



New Company Name NORMEE Limited

Changed company name to『NORMEE Limited』

On September 10, 2018, we changed company name to NORMEE Limited from Universal Robot Co., Ltd.

[About new company name]

   New company name "NORMEE“ is conceived from mathematical term: norm. Norm is a general expression of distance concept, used as a concept to represent vector, matrix and distance. As a general phrase, it also has the meaning of criterion and standards. "EE" part added to NORM is conceived from suffix representing person, together with NORM, representing "person who develops technology which becomes new standard". In addition, we express our intention to impress the world with technology (emotion), evolve technology (evolution), show enthusiasm for technology (enthusiasm) , by adding word initial:"E".

[About new logo]

    The logo mark is made arranging two Greece letters "E (Epsilon)" from norm character of mathematics. It follows ligature of Glagolitic letter, which is origin of Greece letter, connecting E and E with a small circle.

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