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Started Demonstration Test of Multi-service Using Biometrics Platform

~Authentication・Payment Scheme Using Visable Light Palm Authentication Tech~

By cooperative reserach with JCB Co., Ltd., the only international card brand operation entity from Japan (Head office:Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Ichiro HAMAKAWA, hereinafter refered to as "JCB") and National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology(President: Ryoji CHUBACHI, hereinafter refered to as "AIST"), NORMEE Limited(Head office:Chuo-ku,Tokyo, CEO: Eizaburo IWATA, hereinafter refered to as "NORMEE") conducted demonstration test of server-type multi-service (hereinafter refered to as "the service") using visible-light Palm Vein Authentication technology, in JCB Aoyama headquarters in February 2018.

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In this test, using visible light palm authentication technology (palm print search + vein authentication) from NORMEE, with highest level of authentication accuracy (acceptance rate:1 to one hundred billion(note) ) in the world, we tested whether flow of (1)registration in smartphone, (2)storage to server, (3)authentication, (4)authentication result returning to smartphone are performed as expected, mainy on the technical side.
In the future, we will develop usability of authentication technology in a variety of services, only registering palm information to server with smartphone, without registering again.

NORMEE is committed to improving convenience and security of new financial service with our original biometric technology.

~About "Visable Light Palm Authentication"

Normally vein authentication obtain vein patterns by irradiating near-infrared rays. Nevertheless, Palm Vein Authentication technology of NORMEE is able to obtain vein patterns using visable light. In addition to convenience of enabling vein authentication with smartphone camera, it has high authentication accuracy of FAR 0.0003%. This technology has received patent in countries around the world including Japan and America.
"Visible-light palm authentication" used in this demonstration test is Palm Vein Authentication technology complemented by newly developed technology, searching personal palm print from registration database.
By combining Palm Vein Authentication technology and palm print search technology with high search performance, we have the highest authentication accuracy in the world.

(Note)False acceptance rate of 1 to 100 billion,  "and combine" Palm Vein Authentication technology (0.0003%) and palm print search technology (0.0003%), enabling the highest performance by calculation.

Demo Image

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