NORMEE Limited


Create "comfort" available to the world

Our company mainly develops various "comfort" using biometrics from images and voice.
Biometrics, for example. There is no need of remembering passwords anymore.
Identification can be done by just presenting your hand to smartphones.
With unique technology combining palm print and palm vein, we bring "comfort" to authenticaiton.
Not only image, voice, biometrics, but also various cooperative research with university, looking for new "comfort".
Why not bring "comfort" to the world with us, with your idea?

Job Brief

Biometric Software Development

 Develop new biometric system and algorithm that run on smartphones and tablets.
 Cooperate with leading companies in Japan and overseas. Participate in development of world-class product and technology. This is a workplace where you can utilize advanced image processing knowledge and experience.
 In addition, new product development such as recognition technology development of paralanguage in voice. 

Joy Type

Application Development Engineer
Job Discription
Cross platform (Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, etc.) application development
Product application design
Prototype development
Ideal Candidate
People with experience in smartphone application development
Experience in image processing application is a plus
Image Processing Engineer
Job Discription
Image/voice processing algorithm development
Biometrics algorithm development
Cooperative research with university
Ideal Candidate
People with experience in image processing algorithm

Employee Compensation

5F, 20-5, Hakozaki-cho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku,Tokyo
[Traffic] Suitengumae Station, Hanzomon Line(4 min on foot)
   Kayabacho Station, Hibiya/Touzai Line(9 min on foot)
Office hours
Depends on experience, ability, performance and contribution. Favorable treatment accoding to company regulation.
*Bonus linked to company performance
*Stock option system
Types of employment
Full-time employee and internship
Days off
Five-day week(Monday to Friday) and else

How to apply

 First, please contact us from the entry form below.
 The person in charge will reply, letting you know how to submit application documents.
 If possible, please submit a report of any or all of the "reference task" below.

Reference Task
  • ・ Liscense restriction and risk while using gnu libstdc++
  • ・ Specific plan for CI(continuous integration)
  • ・ What is necessary and what to research when transplant application of OS[A] to OS[B].
    In addition, what is the process while trying to transplant. Please provide procedure and trial plan as specific as possible.

*If you have no idea, try to think with preconditions like assuming 'XXX' as 'YYY'.
*Please describe how each item is researched (references, etc.) briefly.