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"Vein Authentication by Smartphone Camera" Open Performance Evaluation Test for Usability in Fintech

From 21 September to 2 October, open test for performance evaluation is conducted

  NORMEE Limited(Head office:Chuo-ku,Tokyo, CEO: Eizaburo IWATA, hereinafter refered as NORMEE) and National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology(President:Ryoji CHUBACHI, hereinafter refered as AIST) conducted open test for performance evaluation of vein authentication product using mobile device(smartphone and tablet) camera from 21 September to 2 October.

This open test is conducted with subjects of 3,000 men and women, calculated from ownership ratio of smartphones, according to performance evaluation test method of international standard (ISO/IEC 19795). In general, registration and verification should be done in the same place. Since vein authentiation product from NORMEE is based on use of mobile devices, condition test considering factors to be taken into account for mobile biometrics is also carried out. Regarding change of light source environment, test is done in enviroment of 100 lux(dark indoor), 900 to1000 lux(standard indoor), 10000 lux(outdoor shade). In addition, apart from authentication in sitting and standing position, performance change by shaking and vibration, wet hand and hand cream applied hand is also calculated.

With smartphone use in finance spreading recently, introduction of biometric authentication, such as login to mobile banking applications and authentication methods for various online payments, is increasing rapidly. In addition, there is a growing demand for safety and reliability of biometric products.

Normally performance evaluation level of biometrics is represented by failure to enroll rate (FTE), false rejection rate (FRR), and false acceptance rate (FAR). Since there was no way of objectively evaluating security, regarding performance and accuracy of biometrics, there was no choice but to trust FTE, FRR, and FAR published by each biometric vendor. In light of this, AIST has been doing activities for CC(Common Criteria) certification of biometrics product as a commissioned project of METI(Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) for more objective security evaluation. We have created protection profile for biometrics product last year, with cooperation of domestic experts and biometric vendors, including NORMEE.

CC certification of biometric product is preformance and vulnerability evaluation of biometric product,  it determines whether the product is designed properly and implemented correctly against counterfeit biometrics threat, by independent third-party evaluation institution. NORMEE has already applied for CC certification and is in the process of evaluation certification, this performance evaluation test is conducted to obtain evaluation evidence in order to acquire CC certification.

With social problems like data fogery ,companies adopting biometrics, including financial institutions, are expected to require CC certification ,a objective standard and international regulation for product evaluation .

This CC certification, as part of commissioned business of AIST, is a joint operation with public invitation of companies, to conduct joint research on FY 2016 pilot evaluation certification and mobile vein authentication, while NORMEE is selected.

[Overview of Performance Evaluation Test]
Time:September 21,2016 ~October 2 ,2016(except for September 25) 10 a.m.-9 p.m.
Location:T's Shibuya Asia Building     150-0041 Tokyo,Shibuya-ku,1-12-16 Jinnan,Asia Building, B1

[Participant No.] Subject No.=3000
                   Sample No.=6000(or so)

[Subject Property]
(1)Age=18 ~79
(2)Gender ratio=1:1
(3)Race=Japanese 88~90%,foreigner 10~12 %(white,black,Asian,hispanic,others)
(4)Occuption=Not specified(various kinds)

[Performance Evaluation Test Organization]
Test Organizer:NORMEE Limited
Test Support:National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Test Supervision:Kazuhiko Sumi(Aoyama Gakuin University professor)
Technical Support:Hasegawa Makoto(Tokyo Denki University professor)
Subject Recruitment:Rakuten Insight, Inc.

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